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Kadri Manjunatha Temple

The ancient Kadri Manjunatha Temple, dates back to 1068 A.D is located 4 kms away from Nehru Maidan Bus Stand at the foot of the Kadri hill. Built in the Vijaynagar style of architecture with traces of Buddhist influence, this temple dedicated to Shree Manjunath (Lokeshwara, Lord Shiva) is a square shrine with a pyramidal roof. The idol of the presiding deity, in the shape of Udbhava Linga is considered as the oldest of the south Indian temples. An interesting feature of this a natural stone slab found parallel to the level of the floor of the 'garbha griha' is that whatever amount of water poured on it will be disappear immediately. The temple also houses a 1.6m tall bronze statue of the main deity Lokeshwara in a seated position with three faces and six arms which is reputed to be one of the best bronze statues in India. Apart from the main deity, Durgaparmeshwari, Ganapathi, Shasta and Gomukha Vyasa Muni and Vishnu are the sub deities worshiped here.

The temple complex contains seven water tanks surrounded by a beautiful garden. These ponds receive water from a natural spring known as Gomukha that flows the backside of the temple. The temple also has figures of Matsyendranatha with his palms held one over the other on his folded right leg is located on southern side; a six feet high structure of Gorakhanath on the western side and the figure of Sringinatha, which is ornamented with three tiers in the midst. A tall wooden 'Deepa Sthamba'  (light pole) covered with bronze adorns the temple. Goddess Durga temple is situated to the west of main temple while a temple of Lord Ganesha is at the northern side. 

Lakshadeepotsava and Pattanaje are the major among the verious festivals celebrated in the Kadri Manjunatha temple. Falls in the month of Karthika (November/ December) Lakshadeepotsava is the festival of lights that is celebrated for 5 days. During the festive days, special pujas and programmes are organized at the temple. The ten day long Pattanaje festival, is celebrated in the month of May.

Atop the Kadri hill, there is a Jogimutt built by King Kundavarma Bupendra and some stone cave which are known as the caves of the Pandavas. 

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