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Situated 60kms from Karwar, Yana or Bhairavakshetra is a deserted town ship and an important pilgrim centre with unique rock formations. A popular rock-climbing haunt located in a beautiful valley of the Western Ghats, one has to trek a distance of about 10kms from ‘Vaddi Cross’, amidst thick forest to reach Yana. There is a shrine of Bhairaveswara on a hillock 120metres high. Water from the projecting rock trickles on the Shivalinga and the devotees consider this as Gangodbhava water. Mohini Shikara, a peak 90-meter high is another attraction of this place. The idol of Goddess Parvati can be seen at the bottom of this peak. A fair is held here during Shivaratri. One could also enjoy a small waterfall near by.

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  By :  Nayana smiley
  Jan 6, 2011 6:17:27 PM | Bangalore Reply to this Comment/ Review
North Canara has some awesome tourist places..Yana is one among them..when you visit Yana make sure to see some decent waterfalls around Sirsi..we covered almost 7 falls in our last trip

  By :  Mahesh smiley
  Jan 6, 2011 6:03:20 PM | Bangalore Reply to this Comment/ Review
Yana is a good place for adventure tourists.Trekking experience in those thick forests is really enjoyable..but never visit in rainy season..leeches everywhere! Also avoid going to Yana from Kumta need to walk way is to take Sirsi route and then reach Yana..note that there is no restuarents or hotels available nearby..nearby city is only Sirsi.