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Faridabad City Facts


Faridabad, the southeastern town in the state of Haryana was founded in 1607 AD by Sheikh Farid, the treasurer of Emperor Jahangir and a Sufi saint, in order to protect the highway passing through the town. It became the official 12th district of the state on 15th August, 1979 and has been named after its founder. The district, which has split into five sub divisions namely Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Palwal, Hodal and Hathin, is bounded by Delhi on its north, Gurgaon on the west and Uttar Pradesh on its east and south. Faridabad alone is generating about 60% of the revenues of Haryana and because of its large production of shoes, tires, vehicles and other useful products, it is known as the industrial center of the state.


Area : 2151.00 Sq.Kms
Population : 21,93,276 (2001 cen.)
Season : October to March
STD Code : 0129
Temperature : Summer - 35oC - 45oC
Winter - 5oC - 20oC
Rain Fall : 542 mm
Literacy :70.79%