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Kirti Mandir

Literally means temple of fame, Kirti Mandir is one of the major attraction of the city, located at the north of Prince Fatehsinhrao Gaekwad’s statue near the Viswamitri bridge. This e-shaped building was constructed in 1936 by Sir Sayajirao Gaikwad in a vast area of 8acres with the cluster of Shiva temples to perpetuate the glorious memory of his beloved ancestors. Designed by the famous French architect Dea haun, this unique structure was built at an expenditure of around one lakh at that period.

Kirti Mandir is a glorious stone building with domes, terraces and balconies has a central sikhara rising to a height of about 33 metres and the interior is fully polished with marble. The sun, the moon and the earth in bronze with the undivided map of India adorn the sikhara. The walls of the cental hall is beautifully decorated with murals of Gangavataran, battle of Mahabharat, Life of Meera and Natir Pooja done by the well-known Bengali artist Nandalal Bose. It also houses a picture gallery that exhibits pricelss photographs and statues of the royal family members of Gaekwad and also the coins, weapons, cloths and day-to-day items used by them. The gallery is opened to visit free of cost between 9 and 12 in the morning and 2.30 and 5.30 in the evening every day except Sundays. On the occasion of Diwali, a Rangoli exhibition is held here.

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