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Sursagar Lake

Sursagar Lake Formerly known as Chandan Talao, Sursagar Lake located at the heart of the city was rebuilt in the 18th century with stone banks and masonary. With a total circumference of one and a half mile, it is around 60 feet deep in the center. Specially used for boating purpose, this popular tourist destination looks extremely beautiful in the moonlit nights. A concrete wall is constructed around the lake, where the people can sit and enjoy. On every Saturday and Sunday evenings, special lightings are done around the lake. 

The lake is occupied with a variety of fishes and turtles but fishing is strictly prohibited. Through out the year, the lake is full of water and during rainy season, the water level raise up to the brink. Underground gates are constructed to empty out this lake in case of the danger that lead the water to the Vishwamitri River. At the middle of the lake, there is a 120 feet tall standing statue of Lord Shiva which was constructed by Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

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