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Ranchhodraiji Temple

Built by Shri Gopalrao Jagannath Tambwekar in 1772 A.D, Ranchhodraiji Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated in Dakor town. Constructed with brick walls and stones pillars, the temple is a combination of Hindu and Muslim style of architecture. It is raised on a high plinth of 168 feet by 151 feet with twelve stone steps on each side and surrounded by a spacious courtyard. It has eight domes and twenty four turrets, the highest of them being 90 feet making it the tallest temple in the district.

The idol of the deity of the temple Lord Ranchhodraiji, a manifestation of Lord Krishna, was said to have been brought here by a devotee from Dwarka. The idol is in the form of Lord Vishnu with four arms holding the conch, lotus, discus and the mace in his hands. It is placed under a canopied pavilion in the inner sanctum of the temple which is raised on a marble platform and three doors lead to it. The pillars of the pavilion are covered with gold and the elaborately carved door and windows are covered in silver.  

The temple is located within a huge square shaped complex with four gates on the outer walls. The main gate overlooks the Gomati river and the other three gates opens to the courtyard which leads to the main audience chamber. The walls of the chamber are adorned with murals from the life of Lord Krishna. In the courtyard, there are two multi-storied structure which are used to lit thousands of lamps during the festive season. A small shrine of the original temple is also encased in this large temple complex.

The temple is opened from 6.AM to 12 noon and from 4.00PM to 7.00PM. The main festivals of the temple are held on the Kartik, Falgun, Chaitra and Ashwin Purnimas (full-moon days).

Other religious centers in Dakor are Satyanarayan temple, Laxmi temple and Galteshwar Shiva temple known for its beautiful sculptures.


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