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Kheda City Facts


Kheda also known as Kaira, one of the 25 districts of Gujarat, is located 35 km away from Ahmedabad. Located on the bank of the rivers "Vatrak" and "Shedhi", Kheda is one of the major trading towns of the state bounded by the districts of Sabarkantha on the north, Panchmahals on the east , Ahmedabad on the west and Anand on the south. Dating from the 5th century AD, Kheda, an ancient settlement is believed to have been in existence at the time of 'Mahabharatha' and was known by the name 'Chakravati Nagar'. The reign of the town of Kheda remained with the Babi family from the early 18th century till 1763, and was later taken by the Marathas. In 1803, British took over the control of the district, made it a part of the Bombay Presidency of British India and developed a military garrison there until 1830. The district of Kheda has great historical significance as it was the breeding ground of India's national struggle against the British rule. It is at this place that Gandhiji started the Satyagraha struggle against oppressive taxation by the British. The town has a Jain Temple with superb carvings, a church consecrated in 1822 by Bishop Herber, and an early 19th Century Town hall.


Area : 4,219 Sq.kms
Population : 2,024,216 (2001 census)
Season : September to February
STD Code : 02694
Literacy : 70%