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Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral, Goa The Se Cathedral in Old Goa built in Portuguese- Gothic style of architecture is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. It is also known as Chapel of St Catherine and St Catherine’s Cathedral. Constructed between 1562 - 1640, it is the largest church in Old Goa and the largest in Asia with a barrel vaulted ceiling. It took nearly 80 years to complete the church. The church is the prestigious seat of the archdiocese of Goa. The cathedral has eight chapels and fifteen altars dedicated to several identities like Our Lady of Hope, Our Lady of Anguish and Our Lady of Three Needs and so on. The main altar has carved frames depicting scenes from the life of St. Catherine and a majestic crucifix. On the right, is the chapel of the Cross of Miracles, where a vision of Christ is said to have appeared in 1919.  The cathedral tower house has a huge bell known as the Golden Bell. 

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