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Rajim, the meeting point of three rivers Mahanadi, Pairi and Sondhul is treated as a place of pilgrimage. Situated about 48 kms around 30 minutes ride from Raipur, it was once an important urban centre. Rajim is famous for its fine group of temples of which the most famous is Rajivlochan temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The twelve pillars of the temple have figures of Hindu gods and goddesses like Durga with eight arms, the Ganga and Yamuna, Rama, Varaha (boar), Narasimha (Man-cum-Lion) etc sculptured on them. Around the main temple of Rajivlochana are other temples dedicated to different incarnations of Lord Vishnu such as Vamana (dwarf), Narasimha (Man-cum-lion), Badrinath and Jgannath.

There are ruins of numerous temples around this place of which Kuleshwara Mahadeva Temple is the most remarkable. The other temples are Someshwar Mahadeva mandir, temple of Rajimatelin, Ramachandra temple, temple of Kaal-Bhairav, Jagannath temple and Brahmacharya ashram. There is a black stone statue of the Buddha meditating under the Bodhi tree and also inscriptions belonging to Somavanshis, Nalas and Kalchuris have been found here.

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