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Madan Kamdev

About 35 km from Guwahati, Madan Kamdev is famous for its impressive archaeological ruins and stone sculptures. Located in a picturesque surrounding, this historical spot has a large ruined temple with a sculpture of Lord Shiva and the goddess Uma dating back to the Pallava dynasty (11th & 12th centuries). The wall, pillars, lintels and door frames of the temple are scattered with flowers, images and icons of griffins, nymphs, dancing fairies, six headed Bhairava, four headed Shiva, women and animals in various postures. It is more of a mystery in the sense that very little is known about the origin of this magnificent archaeological ruins.

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  May 28, 2011 1:02:50 PM | guwahati Reply to this Comment/ Review
a good picnic spot. needs serous lookafter though.

  By :  soumya mukherjee smiley
  Oct 6, 2010 6:35:14 PM | kolkata Reply to this Comment/ Review
I Want to how I go there and what type of transprotion are there.