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Hayagriva Madhava Temple

The Hayagriva Madhava Temple at Hajo, 28km west of Guwahati is an important place of pilgrimage both for Hindus and the Buddhists. The temple is housed in the hillock known as Manikoota Parvata. A curious feature of this temple is that it is regarded as a Buddhist shrine by Buddhist Lamas and Butiyas, who profess Buddhism. They believe that Buddha attained Nirvana at this place and the image inside the temple is that of Buddha. But Hindus claim that the horse headed form of the image is of Vishnu and it resembles that of Jagannath at Puri in Orissa. This temple had been destroyed by Kalapahar and was rebuilt in 1543 by the Koch king Raghudev. A smaller temple was built nearby by Ahom king Pramatta Singh where Doul is celebrated on a grand scale every year.

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