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Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Assam State Zoo and the landscaped Botanical gardens are located about 5km east of the railway station. The zoo spread over 130 hectares of land has a very good collection of wild animals in their natural habitat, some of which are very rare and extinct species. Swamp tapirs, whiter tigers, leopards, Assam's famous one horned rhinos are some among them. It also has a rich and rare species of bird life. 
The botanical garden within the zoo was established in 1982. Spreading over an area of 82 hectares, the garden houses various types of palm, shrub, herbs, conifers and broad leaved plants. It also contains an orchid house packed with 44 varieties of rare orchids of the North East region. Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden is open on all days except Fridays.

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