Thursday, October 21, 2021
Andaman and Nicobar


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The Nicobar Group lying south of the Andamans extends from 6 to 100 north latitude. There are 13 inhabited islands in Nicobar. The northern-most island is Car Nicobar which lies about 120km to the south of Little Andaman and the southernmost island is Great Nicobar barely 150km from Sumatra. Pygmalion Point also known as Parsons Point which has since been renamed as "Indira Point" is the southernmost tip of India.

The important islands in this group are Great Nicobar, Car Nicobar, Chowra , Teressa, Bomoka, Katchal, Camrota, Trinkat, Pulo Milow and the Little Nicobar. The biggest is the Great Nicobar followed by Little Nicobar, Camorta and Car Nicobar.

Car Nicobar is hilly compared to other islands. These islands came under the British in 1869 and a penal settlement subordinate to that in Andamans was established but it was withdrawn in 1888. Since Independence it has become a Union Territory.