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Picture Gallery
Volvo Race in Kochi - Picture Gallery
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On board Telefonica Blue
Telefonica Blue on full throttle
Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez (L-R) on board Telefonica Blue
Ericsson 4 skipper, Torben Grael looks at Fijian island
Ericsson 4 from Puma, after 5000 miles of racing
Icebergs in the Southern Ocean
Puma Ocean Racing picking up pace at dawn
Sail changes onboard Ericsson 3
Puma Ocean Racing sailing through Fiji's Vatu ira channel
Ericsson 3 picking up speed
Fiji, as seen from Ericsson 3
Telefonica Blue in rough weather
Xabi Fernandez is invested by a wave while grinding with Jono Swain onboard Telefonica Blue
Thomas Johansson (FIN) onboard ERICSSON 3 as they leave the dock
Ericsson 3 arrives a few hours after the start of Leg 5 in the Volvo Ocean Race from Qingdao
Rough weather for Ericsson 3, on leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race
Telefonica Blue heads out in the first light of morning to resume racing in leg 5
Ericsson 3 arrives in Qindao after finishing leg four
Ericsson 3 in rough weather
The Ericsson 4 c rew make their way to the podium after finishing third on leg 4
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