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Ericsson 4 Leg Nine Day 1

Not the best start for us on Ericsson 4 and our bottom mark rounding left a lot to be desired - in fact it’s probably poorest piece of crew work from us in this race!

But it won’t be the ugly rounding which people will remember - it will of course be the unfortunate Telefónica Blue who we last saw perched on top of a rock – it’s a real shame and we just hope they don’t have too much damage even though they must have been going around 13 - 14 kts - I’m sure that those boys will be able to make good use of the light spots that the front runners will be sailing into.

The wind has just piped up and we are flying along the coast at 24kts with Ericson 3 just in front of us -it will be a tight tussle for all of us

Guy Salter - MCM