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Ericsson 4 Leg Six Day 9

‘Wet wet wet’.  Three words that best describe life onboard at the moment!

We're sailing along in absolutely beautiful conditions, across the top of South America toward our next stop in Boston. Unfortunately, to get such lovely sailing, we pay for it by getting completely soaked! What is nice is the fact that not many clothes are required at the moment.

Most of us are just wearing very light shorts and a short sleeve shirt under our wet weather gear. Not matter what you wear on the foredeck in these conditions; you are going to get drenched to the bone. What is nice is coming off watch and just hanging up your foulies and t-shirt, and jumping into your bunk with just wet shorts on. It's too hot for sleeping bags at this stage so you’re not getting anything else wet. By the time you have to come on deck again, your clothes are pretty dry again, and it's not too bad putting them on again for the 20th time.

At this wind angle, sleeping is very easy and because of the lack of clothing required. It’s pretty easy to get three hours and 20 minutes sleep during your four hour off watch. I know that doesn't sound like much, but in the Southern Ocean, you were thrilled when you only got two! Everyone seems to have iPods onboard for this leg and everyone is using them. I managed to steal my wife Kylie's iPod Touch with lots of movies on it. One movie in particular has been a huge hit with entire crew. ‘Stepbrothers’. I have seen guys wiping tears out of their eyes in their bunks, because of laughing so hard!

Thanks for bringing that little bit more happiness onboard our boat Kylie! I'm only sorry that I'm going to destroy the iPod in a few days when we end up in heinous conditions again. Basically, not matter how hard I try to protect it from damage, it will die. Everything down below will be airborne and wet again when we start getting close to the Eastern Seaboard. Lucky the USA has lots of Apple stores, so I can get a new one if need be.

Speaking of movies, we're all very excited about the Ericsson 4 movie that Hollywood is going to make on us. It sounds like all the actors have signed up to play the different crew members. Luckily for me, the serial killing doll 'Chucky' from the 'Childs Play' movies has agreed to play my part as the red headed bowman. Nicole Kidman didn't sound that interested as it turned out. Maybe she just isn't to happy around boats after her movie 'Dead Calm'

We know where we are going to be shooting the movie now. Exactly in the stretch of water we are in now. It really is pretty cool sailing.  I highly recommend it.

Well I'd better stop rambling on and go and try to get a solid three hours in the 'rack'. Need to make the most of it before the yucky stuff hits us again.

Otherwise all is well and everyone is doing fine aboard the good ship 
Ericsson 4.

Blood out

Phil 'Blood' Jameson - bowman