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Ericsson 4 Leg Six Day 12

Earth day today!

It seems nowadays that we have a day for everything, some good and some questionable – but for all its ideals I think ‘Earth Day’ is definitely worthwhile. It basically supports renewable energy and a renewable lifestyle which in turn will help us all on our tiny rock floating in space. I wouldn’t class my self as a tree hugger, I don’t feast on mung beans or wear sensible shoes, but I do believe that we should put a lot more resources into helping ourselves not ruin our ‘home’.

This has definitely been highlighted to me on this current circumnavigation with the amount of litter we have seen, which I think has significantly increased, and the lack of wildlife has been noted by us all onboard. Seeing as the course for this race has been dramatically different from the last round the world race I competed in, it is hard to quantify the difference – but I am certain that there is more man-made detritus in the water.

As an ever keen biologist I’m always on the look out for a hint of wildlife and am always surprised by the rest of the lads who let their tough exterior drop to admire life on and in the ocean – but we have noticed – or in a way, have not noticed much wildlife. This maybe due to the boat we are on as it often screams from the water rushing past its appendages or the fact that the keel is bright orange – but it may also be down to the fact that there is just less stuff out there to see.

It kind of rests on all of us to make a bit of an effort to help ourselves – the usual response is that one person can’t make much difference, but if we all did it then who knows?  Life would certainly be improved for all…. the worse case scenario is we are in exactly the same place as we are now.

Why not give it a go?  Sermon Rant over!

I’m also led to believe that today also marks the 40th anniversary of Robin Knox Johnston completing the Golden Globe. Although well before my time the achievement was a great one and has opened up many avenues for us yachtsmen and women since.  He has shown many of us a passion and belief which is unsurpassed and is a great ambassador for the sport and leisure aspects of sailing. Nice work Robin! (He was also respected in the Salter household as my old man - the king of Gurnard beach - sailed with him in the 70s and thought he was a good bloke).

We are back in wet mode after a couple of days of slightly lighter conditions – but it is still extremely pleasant on deck.  Sun is out, water temp is 25 degrees centigrade – I’ve had colder baths and showers and we are averaging high teens and early twenties – so all good here. One moan would be the food is becoming very tiresome - not just this leg but the accumulation of being onboard in this race for 113 days.  I must admit I am looking forward to some nice chowder in Boston although the team will probably have to get a forklift truck to get me back onboard for the next leg - after all it’s not exactly a key meal in a dieter’s menu.

Round two of the quiz finished.  We know we correctly answered 49/50 football teams but have not heard any result from Mr. Walker.  Who knows maybe the West Ham v Southampton wasn’t the mismatch that Volvo’s own Cameron Kelleher predicted – plenty of fight left in the Saints.

Guy Salter - MCM