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Ericsson 4 Leg Six Day 6

A few days ago I asked the simple question to the lads:  ‘If Hollywood were to make a blockbuster movie about this trip - who would you choose to play you?’

I filmed some of the responses and have been a little surprised as to how much interest it has still generated amongst the crew. With lots of different suggestions from each every watch I thought it would make a lot more sense to hear from everyone watching the race as to whom you may cast in our roles. Let us know via our website (  where you can follow a link and send us a message onboard - we do receive these messages and are happy for some contact.

Names which have been mentioned of recent include Brad Pitt, Kirk Douglas, Omar Sheriff and Dame Edna Everage - so as you can see there is a very varied selection and all depend upon how each of us sees themselves and how we see others - luckily everybody is taking it in the light-hearted manner - at the moment that it is!

On the water its amazing how for so many hours you have no visuals of any other boat and then a slight loss of half a mile or a change in light (e.g. later in the day) and you see several competitors. At present we are having a good little ding dong battle for second place with Delta Lloyd, a boat most onboard know very well as they either raced it in its former life as ABN or sailed it in its former life as Ericsson 2. It’s great to see the older generation boat doing so well after their forced break for leg four and five.

We have also spotted the other absentee from the last leg Telefónica Black sailing down towards us both so it’s going to make a very interesting few hours into the scoring gate at Noronha.

Last night I was chatting to Joca Signorini and he said that if you mentioned to any Brazilian that you were sailing to Noronha and not stopping then they would think you are crazy - this is the second time we are doing so in this race!

Maybe a pit stop in a few beautiful tropical paradises should be considered for the next race! Or is that the cruising me trying to break out from within?
Guy Salter MCM