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Ericsson 4 Leg Five Day 5

Ahoy from Ericsson 4
Dry-out time aboard today. The temperature has really made a change for the better and this afternoon has been a great opportunity to pack up the double layer sleeping bags and mattresses. It’s also been nice to see all the condensation moisture that forms throughout the boat start to evaporate away. It’s still high speed and crashing waves on deck, but the warm water and relatively dry interior make life so much more pleasant aboard the mighty Ericsson 4.

Racing-wise, things are going really well.  The boat loves these reaching conditions and with every sched we gradually build our lead over the chasing Il Mostro. Our team mates aboard Ericsson 3 have done a top job getting back into the race after a late start and it’s a great reflection on the skills of our shore crew that that boat is up and racing at 100% so quickly and that Ericsson 4 is so well prepared that we can be pushing at the front of the fleet in what, at times, have been pretty full conditions.

There is already some talk of bets on when we will round Cape Horn, but with 11000nm still to go to the finish, I think I might hold off a while yet before making my call.

I hope all the families and shore guys got home alright and perhaps even get some time to relax and enjoy the break from Volvo life.

Ryan Godfrey - Bowman