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Ericsson 4 Leg Five Day 39

Keep on rolling, that’s all we have to do. For the past 24 hours we have just managed to stay in enough breeze to keep the mileage ticking over at a steady rate. In these conditions it seems like that is all you can hope for. If you can avoid stopping in a light spot, then you are rewarded with a good gain on the opposition at the following sched.

The weather is quite spectacular really, clear blue skies and balmy warm nights. What I would have done for a few hours of these conditions as we were approaching Cape Horn! Unfortunately this comfort has come at the cost of boatspeed and going slow is the last thing we want now after 12,000 miles. Thirty eight days is enough on a boat this size with10 other men living in each other’s pocket.

We are all over being at sea now, and it is only the focus on trying to catch Ericsson 3 that is distracting us from really getting sick of the situation. Sleeping on our flimsy, uncomfortable pipe cots is becoming a chore and the thought of a nice, firm bed in Rio is playing on my mind. Food, don’t even get me started!

It has been great to get some news from ashore and keep a perspective on what is happening in the world outside our 70’ bubble. The public well wishes from Ericsson's website have been a nice surprise.

Ok, back to work and see you all very soon I hope,

Ryan Godfrey - Bowman