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Ericsson 4 Leg Five Day 21

I spoke to a friend recently who said that all my QFB's in the past had mentioned the toilet habits on board the yacht, so, I will try to avoid talking about it this time. 

This time I thought I would give a mention to the families involved with the race.

There is a lot of emphasis on the tough times the sailors have to face, being at sea for long periods of time in arduous conditions, with minimal comforts...but what about the families? 

The wives and kids of the sailors who don't get to see or talk to their partners or dads for weeks, even months at a time.  Sure, they get to see some interesting parts of the world, but not all mothers want to drag their kids somewhere new every 3-4 weeks.

Since we left China, I have had 3 email exchanges with my wife and one 3 minute phone call.  That is an average of one email and a one minute conversation per week. Hardly ideal!  And as my family didn't come to China, I will not have seen my little boy for over 9 weeks by the time we get to Rio.  In that time he has started walking and talking.  I am new at all this parenting from afar stuff. 

The two watch captains on board have missed many birthdays and firsts for their kids, in fact Stu Bannatyne (watch captain) missed his daughter being born in the second leg of the last Volvo I have little to complain about in this company. 

So, when you next check the websites and see that we have been at sea for three weeks, spare a thought for those at home who haven't seen or heard from their dads or partners for a few weeks.

And a side note...I just couldn't help my self.  The toilet seat is getting very cold!!!

Bye for now...

David Endean - Pitman