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Ericsson 4 Leg Five Day 19

Day 18 or 19 on Ericsson 4, not quite sure which day as it's not really important until we are getting close to Rio. We managed to cross the first scoring gate in first earlier on today so the boys had something to smile about for a second as the conditions were, to put it nicely, crap.

It was an extremely wet angle to the mixed up waves, which turned being on deck miserable and below deck we were unable to sleep. But now things have moderated and settled down so we can get back in the rhythm of the days. Congrats to Ericsson 3 for there 2nd to the scoring gate which has been a great effort and nice of them to position themselves between us and our opposition. After having fought their way back into contention they have headed off on a northern route to the ice waypoint by themselves so it will be interesting to see how they get on.

Another milestone today is passing by NZ which has had a few of us on here looking out to the west and thinking about being back home, which for most of us Kiwi's has been years, seems cruel to make us sail past so close and not be able to call in as in previous races.

Not sure how my bet in the sweepstake to Cape Horn is looking. I was so confident a week ago or when ever we made the call but things have been slow up until now, we will have to see how we go.

I'm off to bed as we head south at a fast bouncy rate to meet up with the Southern Ocean.

Cheers Brad Jackson - Watch Captain