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Ericsson 4 Leg 4 Day 8

Still being thrown about like a ball in a bingo machine, it just makes everything take so much longer.  After the odd specially big wave you can hear various different curses in several different languages and  accents around the boat as the wrong button is pressed, the computers  crash, the tea is spilt or the footing is changed to make that dry  sock wet. 

On deck it isn’t even registered, just another wave. If you are sat at the back on one of these you could actually get some good air time as you get the little flick which takes you off your feet, but definitely not appreciated when you are there to spend a penny!

We hung back last night waiting for the breeze to subside enough  before setting off for the Luzon Strait - we have always highlighted  that its better to finish in as close to one piece as possible and if  that meant without a win  - then so be it .  The big picture is the in-port race and the mass of points available on the next leg - but any damage could have put pay to all of this, and that included crossing a strait renowned for strong current, which with strong wind could have compromised the campaign significantly.

It’s still been windy and rough today - but good ground has been covered and I have just heard Jules comment that he has spotted Taiwan for the first time in his life.

When we were getting everything tidy, after the mess which comes hand in hand with big winds (especially when sailing on the wind), a clothing crime was highlighted.  These crimes come about when someone  ' can’t really be bothered' to tidy after themselves', especially if the offending article is wet. These articles usually end up in our ‘crimes’ bag so thy can at least get stacked rather than lurk in a puddle to leeward. This article went straight in the bin - the reason?  Because they were a pair of South American underpants in which people can see what the wearer had for breakfast. In fact it was with much pleasure that Phil dropped them in as he had seen enough of Torben strutting around in them some days earlier - and to find them lying around was a real bonus.

To be honest we were surprised to see them lying around as Torben is quite tidy and if he mislays something, his old pal Horacio is there to help - yes Horacio is to Torben what Robin is to Batman - so to speak!

The temperature is dropping and you can notice it every few hours getting colder

Onward and upward to China - looking forward to sitting down without everything shaking in a few days time.

Guy Salter - MCM