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Ericsson 4 Leg 4 Day 5

Well, it's the end of day four and we are starting to see how much of a loss we have suffered by sticking to our plan to stay in the Palawan Channel. Most of the boats out to sea have now tacked onto port and are approaching our line. It looks like the deficit will be 60 or more miles to Puma, which is significant to say the least, although with over half the leg to go and with the weather conditions forecast, this leg is far from over.

Speaking of weather, up until now, things have been pretty mild in both wind speeds and temperatures. Jules just let us know that the breeze will start building tonight and will soon be well into the mid thirties. This is what we have prepared the boat for and, hopefully, these are the conditions in which that E4 will start to excel. Time for us to get back into the race.

Ryan Godfrey - Bowman