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Ericsson 4 Leg 4 Day 10

Another day of carnage on Ericsson 4!  Trying to keep the boat in one piece has been our priority.   Is not easy to keep the speed down and with these waves and wind we are constantly pounding heavily against the sea.  The helmsman has to manage a nice heel angle to land as smoothly as possible not to compromise the structure.

We have been without instruments since Cabo Bojeador (Northeast of Philippines), four days already which makes things more difficult to steer safely, especially at night.

During the day, it was hard work trying to catch Ericsson 3, but unfortunately came the news that they were taking on water through a crack.  As the news came through, a certain fever in checking every spot of our structure, especially knowing that our team mates boat has the same structure as ours.

The game continues to try to gain on Telefónica and keep Puma covered. From the benefit of a right shift, we manage to make some miles on Telefónica and we are still working hard to have them in a position where we have some cards to play at the end. Fortunately, China is getting closer and the wind has slowed down allowing us to push as hard as we can for the last three hours.

Time to go, just came from my watch and looking forward for some rest on my bunk.  It is not easy!! You need special skills to have a rest on these boats or be so tired that you just fall asleep.
Horacio Carabelli - Trimmer