Friday, June 2, 2023



World War II Cemetery

This cemeterworld war II cemetryy has well maintained lawns.  The rose bushes bloom here in season.

At the lowest and highest point of the cemetery, there are two tall crosses.  The upper cross carries the inscription, as follows :-.

"Here, around the tennis court of the Deputy commissioner lie men who fought in the battle of Kohima in which they and their comrades finally halted the invasion of India by the forces of Japan in April 1944".

At the base of the lower cross, there is a four line inscription  

   "When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow
we gave our today"

State Museum

 It is at Kohima.  Visit : Monday to Saturday from 1000 to 1500. Closed on holidays. There is a collection of  anthropological exhibits of the different Naga tribes, status pillars, a ceremonial drum, gateposts and jewellery.  The basement has animals and birds from the North Eastern hill states.

Kohima Village( Bara Basti)

This village has a traditional Naga ceremonial gateway carved with motifs of guns, warriors and symbols of prosperity at the entrance to the village.  The traditional Naga house built here had crossed 'horns' on the gables, carved heads to signify the status of the family, a huge basket to hold the grain in front of the house.

The nearest airport and railhead are at Dimapur, Nagaland's gateway and commercial centre.