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Eastern Villages

Some of the eastern villages of Aizawl district are associated with stories of a great war between the Lushais and the pawis.


Lungvandawt means a stone reaching heaven.  A very tall beautiful chiselled  pillar made of stone about 75cm in diameter and 3m in height is found between Biate and Lungdar in the eastern part of Aizawl district.  The story goes that  in ancient times this stone pillar was very tall, almost touching heaven and hence nothing could go in between.  Once a peacock squeezed into it and got crumbled into pieces.  It appears that this probably was a very tall memorial stone of a chief of the Biate tribe who was resident of the area before the Lushais came and defeated the Biates who mostly went down to the plains of Cachar to settle there.

Khawnglung Run

Khawnglung village, situated in Lunglei, district near its border with Aizawl district was crucial in the famous north-south war of  Mizoram

Buddha's Image near Mualchang village

An engraved image of Lord Buddha has been found about 8 Km away from Mualchang village and 50 Km from Lunglei  town. On either side of the Lord's image there are images of dancing girls. On another slab of stone there are engravings of foot marks and various articles like spear head and dao.  It appears that these engravings were done by metal chisels as there are marks in nearby stones which indicate the sharpening of metal implements.

Thangliana Lung

At Demagiri there is a memorial stone erected in memory of captain T.H.Lewin who was the first Britisher to enter Mizoram.  He was DC of Chittagong Hill tracts and entered Mizoram through Demagiri in 1865.  He was very friendly with all the tribesmen and they honoured him by giving him the Mizo name of Thangliana which means 'greatly famous'.  His memorial stone at Demagiri shows how the Mizos held him in great esteem.

Suangpuilawn Inscriptions

At  Suangpuilawn village in Aizawl district there is a stone with inscriptions which have not been deciphered as yet.  The stone slab of the size of 1m length and 1m width is placed by the side of the stream.

Thansiama Sena Neihna

This literally means, a place where a man called Thansiama saw the calf of a mithun. There is a barren hill top, about 2000 meters high, near Chawnglui village in Aizawl district, near Burma border.  The top of the hill has a beautiful flat land but it is almost inaccessible because of the steep hill.  A folklore says that Thansiama, who lived very long and became a very old man, was once searching for his missing mithun.  He saw a calf at this hill top.  The missing mithun had climbed up the hill, an impossible task and given birth to the calf at this place. This is a story of hallucinations of  old and lonely men.


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