Bhujanga or Cobra posture is a popular asana and it is always practiced as the first in a series of backward bending movements.  In this asana the spine is arched backward gently promoting flexibility. 

How to do :
  • Lie straight on your stomach, keeping the palms on the floor below the shoulder blades and the elbows touching the middle part of the body. Bend the head and neck backward. 
  • Inhale and raise the head and chest, above the naval area, upwards. Tighten the legs allover from the waist down to the toes.
  • Hold your breathe and retain in the same position for about 6 seconds. 
  • Exhale and simultaneously lower the head towards the floor. Relax your body and rest with your right or left cheek on the floor for about 6 seconds. Now you have completed one round of bhujanga asana.

Restriction :

Start with three rounds on the first day and increase to a maximum of four rounds. Take rest for sometime between each round. As you practice, you can increase the retaining period of the position gradually from 6 seconds to 1 minute. Do not practice the cobra while pregnant, although this asana is excellent way to prepare the body for pregnancy.

Benefits :

Increases flexibility, rejuvenates spinal nerves and brings a rich blood supply to the spinal region. Activates and energizes the upper areas of the body like the chest, shoulders, neck, face and head, giving a youthful appearance. Corrects various abnormal troubles like constipation, indigestion and increases appetite. 

It has some special benefits for women. Helps relieve problems of the uterus and ovaries and menstrual problems. A regular practice of this asana makes child birth easy.