Tuesday, May 30, 2023


THAALI'Thaali' is a Tamil word. It is the symbol of matrimony. It is known as 'Mangalsutra' in North India.

Tying a thaali is the most important ceremony in Indian marriages. It is similar to the Western custom of exchanging rings. Every Indian woman consider thaali as the most prestigious token of love offered to her by her husband during the ceremony. 

Mehendi In Tamil Nadu and in a few other states, Thaali's are tied on a thick yellow thread. When the thread is worn out, they are replaced  by a new thread. Generally, in the northern states Mangalsutra is made of two strings of black beads. These beads are believed to protect the marriage against evil. Thaali's of different shapes and sizes are used by different communities based on their particular customs. Thaali is considered auspicious by the married women and they wear it till their death or their husband's death.

In olden days, even children used to wear Thaali's made with tiger teeth and tiger nail covered with gold.  Thaali's are of different types namely - embithai thaali, amathaali, kolunthu thaali, variven thaali and manikka thaali. The concept is that every child who wears embithai thaali will be protected from all kinds of evil. This Thaali is associated with the weapon of Lord Mahavishnu. It is believed that Lord Krishna wore amathaali (shape of tortoise) and  kolunthu thaali (tender leaves).