Monday, March 27, 2023
Anil Bhat, , Delhi NCR -
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Anil Bhat,
Delhi NCR, India

Sanganak Technologies delivers customized, cost effective and exclusive technology solutions using open source technologies. Our services include Software Development, Website Designing, WordPress Development, WordPress Support, CRM, ERP, CMS, Intranet Portal Development, E-Commerce, Open Source Customization, Project Management, IT Consultancy.


 My Articles

1. Website Revamping Provides Your Site a New Touch! ( Computers )

Every website needs some improvement with time. Website is actually the medium through which a business or company communicate with its users. So, definitely it must be something that attracts the customers and engages him/her with the services and products that the website or the company is made up for.Know more about why website revamping or redesigning is of utmost importance.

2. Social Networking Websites | A Sneak Preview ( Computers )

Social Networking Sites (SNS) are widely popular these days with Web 2.0 initiative that has rendered ease of use to users. SNS sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked-In form a major part of peoplesí everyday life. SNS have attracted millions of users to interact over the Internet through e-mail and instant messaging. Here's all you need to know about social networking sites.

3. Open Source Web Development ( Computers )

Open Source Web Development is now possible free of charge because costs are covered by advertisements, sponsorship and donations. Here are some frameworks you can use to weave and design websites that will fit smugly in slots and generate income from target and random clients.

4. Custom CRM Management Application Software Development ( Computers )

Details about a software called CRM . Information on CRM Software's benefits and services.