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Dr. Smita Pandey Bhat, Clinical Psychologist, Delhi -
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Dr. Smita Pandey Bhat
Dr. Smita Pandey Bhat, M.phil, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist
Delhi, India

Dr Smita Pandey Bhat is a Counselor and Clinical Psychologist. She has completed her M.Phil and PhD in Clinical Psychology, from Central Institute of Psychiatry (C.I.P), Ranchi. She has seven years of experience in this field at different places. She provides psychological counseling, psychotherapies like, Supportive Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Social Skills Training, Assertiveness Training etc. as per the requirement of the people. She also provides assessments like Intelligence Tests and Personality Assessments for Children as well as Adults.


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