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anthony lopes, self employed, calangute -
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anthony lopes,
self employed
calangute, india

I have gainfully worked for a meagre salary of 800 rupees a month and got experience and without a pie of financial assistance from govermental agencies have self employed myself.


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1. Posted on : 4 - 1 - 2011 View Answer(0)
  my question is to the president of congress Smt.Sonia brother is married to british national for 15 years with one son of 8 years and the marriage is registered in goa and they want to stay seperate so they bought a plot of 350 sq.mts and are building a house to stay.The government agencies are saying that his wife is a foreign national so she cannot get conversion sanad for their property inspite of money paid by cheque for purchase of property.they have complained to enforcement directorate and inspite of me asking information report under RTI we are denied information.Pls let me know if you as a foreigner married to indian late Rajiv Gandhi did have any problem to own property.It is urgent as I am awaiting justice since two years that i paid and they have already accepted conversion fees but the sanad is denied saying the enforcement directorate is not responding.Thanks ( A very angry Indian citizen)