Friday, January 27, 2023
Dr. Duru Shah, Gynecologist, Mumbai -
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Dr. Duru Shah
Dr. Duru Shah, -
Mumbai, India

Dr. Duru Shah is one of India's leading gynecologists based in Mumbai, India with a professional practice spanning over 35 years. She is the Director of 'Gynaecworld- Center for Women’s Health and Fertility', based in South Mumbai. She is Panel Consultant in Breach Candy Hospital, Jaslok Hospital and Global Hospital


 My Articles

1. Medical insurance for infertility treatment: the first step towards Empathy ( Finance )

As the cost of infertility treatments continue to rise, making it unaffordable to a large number of couples, there is a huge need for insurance companies to cover infertility.

2. Male Infertility - Causes & Treatment ( Health )

Of the many causes leading to infertility, male partner is responsible in about one-third of cases.Dr. Duru Shah explains ways to combat them.

3. Miscarriages – can we prevent them? ( Health )

Recurrent pregnancy loss is one such situation which carries the burden of immense emotional stress to an expectant couple.

4. Endometriosis - challenges in women's health ( Health )

The most severe painful periods in women occur due to a condition called “Endometriosis”.

5. Women and Tobacco usage ( Health )

According to studies, India now has 12.1 million women smokers and lags behind only to the United States in this segment. Dr.Duru Shah talks about how smoking adversely effect women.