Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Ramalingam, Founder & Director - Holistic Investment Planners (P) Limited, Chennai - webindia123.com
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Ramalingam, MBA (Finance) and Certified Financial Planner
Founder & Director - Holistic Investment Planners (P) Limited
Chennai , India

Ramalingam K is a Certified Financial Planner and an MBA (Finance). He is the Founder and Director of Holistic Investment Planners, a firm that offers Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services. He can be reached at ramalingam [AT] holisticinvestment.in


 My Articles

1. How Relevant Are The "Mutual Fund Ratings"? ( Finance )

Today a mutual fund investor is overwhelmed with the plethora of mutual fund schemes and it becomes extremely difficult for you actually to sift the bad ones from the good ones. Then what do you do? You take help of rating of mutual funds issued by various mutual fund rating agencies. But is ‘mutual fund ratings’ the final parameter to be taken in to consideration for investment? Know how relevant are the mutual fund ratings.

2. All You Wanted To Know About The Guidelines For Purchase And Sale Of Property By NRIs And Repatriation Of Sale Proceeds ( Finance )

Here's all you wanted to know about the guidelines for purchase and sale of property by NRIs and repatriation of sale proceeds.

3. Do You Mainly Depend On Past Performance Before You Invest? ( Finance )

While investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, past performance becomes a strong input in making investment decisions. Does past performance really matter? Well, there are others factors to considered before looking at the past performance. Let's take a look..

4. How The Investor Can Maximize VALUE Of His Investments? ( Finance )

Here's few tips by Mr. Ramalingam, Finance expert, on how you can maximise your investment return.

5. How To Invest In Gold In India? ( Finance )

Do you want to invest in Gold and cannot resist yourself from the temptation? Then here are few tips on how to invest in gold correctly.

6. All You Wanted To Know About Personal Loans ( Finance )

Personal loans are very simple and eay to get. This loan is unsecured loan, it means you do not have to give any guarantee to acquire this loan. As it requires very few documents to process the loan, documentation is simple. Here's all you need to know about personal loans.

7. How to take Right Investment Decisions at the Right Time? ( Finance )

Many investors are not willing to invest their money in the stock market, accusing the present market condition and wish to wait for a clearer picture. Whether it is for purchasing a product or investment, individual postpones decisions. This behavior directly or indirectly causes decision palsy in your investing life, as well. In order to avoid this condition in the near future, it is worth reading the below suggestions.

8. What Every Investor Needs To know About Stock Market, Currency Market and Commodity Market to Make Profits? ( Finance )

What is the most profitable place to invest? Stock Market or currency market or commodity market? Confused about which market to invest? Here are few best kept secrets, you may not know about Stock Market, Currency market and Commodity Market.

9. Do You Fall Prey For This Emotional Sales Pitch? ( Finance )

Most of the financial and investment products are marketed to create an emotional appealing and not a rational appealing. It has been a long tradition amongst us that you allow your heart to rule when you fall in love. You heart takes the decision there and not your mind. Similar thing should not happen when you take your investment and financial decisions.

10. 10 Lesser Known Facts About Your Mediclaim Policy ( Finance )

In India, almost all working people have mediclaim policies be it group mediclaim insurance or private mediclaim insurance. However, do all they know the basic of this mediclaim insurance policy? Read these answers to most frequently asked questions about mediclaim insurance.

11. An Overview Of Taxation On India ESOPs For US Based NRIs ( Finance )

12. How to Control Risk and Reap the Rewards From Your Investments? ( Finance )

How does an investor identify risks beforehand and what measures do they take to safeguard themselves against such risks? Here are few tips to help you control the risk and reap the reward from your investments.

13. How To Choose The Best Investments For You Always? ( Finance )

What is known as the best investment option? Are there any criteria available to buy the right investment products? Of course yes. Read on to get clarification on all your doubts.

14. How Much Life Insurance Cover You Need? ( Finance )

How much life insurance I need to secure my family? Do all of us require life insurance? Read ahead to learn whether you need any life insurance to take. If so, the rules on calculating how much life insurance you really need.

15. Why Your Personal Finance Is Out Of Your Control And How To Bring It Under Your Control? ( Finance )

Is your personal finance out of your control? Here's a few tips from financial advisor on how to bring your finance under control.

16. How To Take Realistic And Rational Investment Decisions That Can Unlock Wealth? ( Finance )

Learn how to take realistic and rational investment decisions to unlock wealth.

17. The Complete NRI Guide to Property in India ( Finance )

Non-resident Indians often feel perplexed as to how to go about investing in property in India. They are unsure about the rules and the methodology of making investments. This article attempts to dispel the doubts in the minds of such prospective NRI investors by addressing key issues pertaining to property dealings in India.

18. Why Your Annual Bonus Or Lump Sum Arrear Is Not Increasing Your Net Worth? ( Finance )

Haven't you ever felt your annual bonus or lump sum arrear to be not increasing your net worth? This article dwells upon the need to use discretion after receiving a lump sum payment and the fallout of unplanned and unnecessary expenditure.

19. How To Identify A Reliable Financial Advisor? ( Finance )

How do you determine that your financial expert is actually providing you with genuine or fake advice? There are a few questions that one must address, before going ahead and trusting someone as their financial advisor, mentor, expert,or money manager.Therefore, let us get an insider’s view into some very important things to know, to let you differentiate between good and bad financial advice.

20. What You Need To Know About Floating Rate Mutual Funds? ( Finance )

The best returns will come from long term floating rate mutual funds which are performed consistently. Want to know what Floating rate mutual fund is? Here's all you need to know about Floating Rate Mutual Funds.

21. Investment Discipline: One Thing That Changes Everything About Your Investments ( Finance )

To be a successful long term investor, you need to be a disciplined investor. You need to follow some strategies consistently. You need to review your portfolio regularly. Here's all you need to know about investment discipline.

22. Who is an 'Independent' Financial Advisor? ( Finance )

Investors expect the advice given by the financial advisor to be unbiased, neutral and independent. Yet most of the investors get only misselling in the form of financial advice. Here what an investor need to know before choosing an independent financial advisor.

23. A Checklist For Closing Your Home Loan ( Finance )

Home is the biggest assets for a person. Owning a house free of debt is one of the cherished desires of all of us. Here are certain essential steps to consider while repaying your home loan in full and closing your home loan account

24. The Biggest Threat To Your Investment Decisions And What You Can Do About It! ( Finance )

How do you decide to buy or sell stocks? Do you just rely too much on immediately available information? Do you know what happens when you take such decisions? Read ahead to understand the impact of availability bias in the investment decisions we make and how we can avoid this situation.

25. How To Protect Yourself From Credit Card Frauds? ( Finance )

Here are some safety measures to protect yourself from credit card frauds.

26. What NOT TO DO, When Investing In Real Estate? ( Finance )

There are certain rules applicable while investing in real estate to gaurd ourselves from any kind of associated risks. Via this article, let us learn about some prohibitions that is, things we must not do while investing into real estate.

27. What You Need To Do, Before Booking For A Flat? ( Finance )

What factors do you look for, while comparing properties? Without any doubt, the property’s location, price and possession, will be the first and foremost parameters. However, apart from these primary ones, a few more things are necessary to check before making any financial commitment. Let's take a look.

28. FAQs on Gold Monetization Scheme ( Finance )

It is said that “all that glitters is not gold”. Yes, that is true, but even gold with all its glitters is of no use when kept idle. The Gold Monetization Scheme, as introduced by the government of India, aims to monetize gold so that it earns interest. Here are 7 things you need to know about the Gold Monetization scheme.

29. 3 Questions To Answer Before You Choose An Investment ( Finance )

When you plan to make an investment, you must be fully aware of the ins and outs of your investment. Therefore, a good advice is to find answers to a few very necessary questions, before you can actually decide upon an investment. Let us explore what these questions are, where an investor needs to lay his focus on before investing his hard-earned money.

30. 4 Primary Factors To Consider When Investing In Property ( Finance )

Want to invest in property, but have no idea of how to kick off your search? There are some important factors to consider when investing in property to help increase your capital appreciation and rental income from the property. Here's a list of the primary factors to consider before investing in property.

31. 3 Myths about Debt Funds Demystified ( Finance )

Investors, especially those who are new to the venture are often advised to make reasonable investments in debt funds while building their portfolio. It is but natural for the new investor to wonder what ‘debt funds’ are all about and why they should at all invest in it when all the fun and returns are with the ‘equity funds’. In this article we try to disseminate the myths surrounding ‘debt funds’ thereby providing lucidity on the subject.

32. 3 Steps To Control Risk In Your Investment Portfolio ( Finance )

Understanding risks is a crucial part of building your financial and investment knowledge. Knowledge of the potential risks, will help us to manage and control the hidden losses that it can cause. Therefore here is a detailed investigation of the investment to save you from expensive losses.

33. 3 Most Important Things To Consider Before Buying Your Dream House ( Finance )

  Buying a house is considered time consuming and high energy demanding task for any individual. Here's a write-up on three important factors you must consider while buying a house.

34. 3 Influential Factors That Can Make Or Break Your Stock Market Investments ( Finance )

There are certain factors which require an investor to be aware of. Patience and opportunism, and the luck factor while making investments are potent issues which often get overlooked. An insight into these subjects will definitely make the investor wiser and maybe even wealthier. Here is a list of points which if followed by conviction and perseverance can yield positive gains and mitigate losses in stock investment.

35. A Step By Step Guide To Create Your Roadmap To Financial Freedom ( Finance )

Fnancial freedom can be defined as a state where we are free to indulge in what we love doing without having to worry about the expenses. Achieving this status of freedom, leading to ultimate financial bliss is what each one of us cherishes but not all of us achieve. Take a look at the step by step guide to create your roadmap to financial freedom.

36. 3 'Simple' Suggestions for Superior Wealth Creation ( Finance )

Today we are flooded with a lot of information, much of it is useless since it does not meet our investment needs. Whatever is relevant, may not always be comprehensible, so we are unable to derive benefit out of it. Here's a simple approach to give shape to your wealth creation plan and dreams.

37. How To Create an Integrated Investment Portfolio? ( Finance )

For investors, it might sound like a fairy-tale to get the perfect portfolio every-time. There is a lot of dynamism in the market and factors keep changing all the time. There is no single formula to get the best returns out of your portfolio. Here's listing the correct mix of investment options to create an integrated investment portfolio.

38. Unveiling the Little Known Secrets on the Most Profitable and the Best Long Term Stock Market Investment Strategy ( Finance )

All investors would be keen to know the success mantras of stock market so that they scale the pinnacle of success through their most profitable and the best long term stock market investment strategy. Here's unveiling the little known secrets on the most profitable and the best long term stock market investment stratergy.

39. How To Construct A Financial Plan With A Strong Foundation? ( Finance )

The motive behind creating a financial plan is to have a route map to achieve your financial goals. A plan that tells where you will be financially 5 years from now, 10 years from now and 20 years from now. Hence it's important to have a strong foundation when constructing your financial plan, Here are some basic things to be given more attention when creating your financial plan.

40. How to get exemption from paying Capital Gain Tax? ( Finance )

Lawmakers are human, and they understand the general aversion of people to pay taxes. That may be one of the reason that while drafting tax laws they have also given opportunities to pay lower taxes with provisions for exemptions. Learn how to get exemption from paying capital gain tax.

41. All You Wanted To Know About Dematerialized Insurance Policies ( Finance )

Learn all about dematerialized insurance policies, its advatages, disadvantages and how to open insurance Demat A/c.

42. Why Company provided Group health insurance is not sufficient? ( Finance )

43. What can bring Economic Bloom to India? ( Finance )

The economy of India is taking a beating. The economic fundamentals are in a deplorable condition. Let us look at some potential developments which can bring back the days of “India Shining” to our economy.

44. 3 Most Common Investment Mistakes you need to avoid to Become Rich ( Finance )

Are you not able to become rich in spite of earning well and investing very carefully? Here are the best and easy to follow solutions to escape from doing the common investment mistakes.

45. The Ugly Truth about paying only Minimum Balance on your Credit Card Bill ( Finance )

46. Portfolio Diversification : 6 Ways How "Not to Break the Eggs" ( Finance )

Diversifying your portfolio is important for investors to build steady wealth over time. Here are six very useful options for portfolio diversification.

47. How to save more tax by Creating a HUF? ( Finance )

According to Income Tax Act 1961, a HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) is an entity which has been given certain exemptions quite similar to an individual by the IT Act. If you are a born Hindu or a Sikh or a Buddhist or a Jain, you can take benefit of these provisions. Know all about HUF and how to save more tax by creating a HUF.

48. How do we overcome the Current Economic Downturn: 7 Meaningful Steps! ( Finance )

After the recent announcement by the venerable Reserve Bank of India, about the consecutive 14 quarters fall of our nation’s GDP to 4.4% from a whopping 8.9%, it is time to think how are we going to protect ourselves financially from this economic harsh winter? Here are 7 meaningful steps to overcome the current economic downturn.

49. 5 Golden Rules to get the maximum out of your Credit card ( Finance )

Do you know, a recent study in India says that people who own more credit cards are more in debt compared to others. It will be easier to be financially responsible if we have two. Here are the Five Golden Rules to get the maximum out of your Credit card.

50. How To Be Financially Fit? ( Finance )

Do you want to be financially fit? Then here are some informative tips by Mr. Ramalingam, Certified Financial Planner, on how to become financially fit.

51. 3 Successful Strategies to Rebalance your Portfolio ( Finance )

If you want to take up a healthier investment approach, rebalancing your portfolio is very important. Let us look at how you can rebalance your investment portfolio and the key benefits associated with it.

52. 7 Shabby Situations When You Shouldn’t Use Your Credit Card! ( Finance )

53. 5 Things to do before Applying for a Home Loan ( Finance )

First time home loan applicants face common problems like rejection in the initial stages, non-refundable processing fees, and desired amount of loan not sanctioned and perpetual issue of interest rate or EMI burden. Here are few structured steps for a home loan to be sanctioned in the first application itself.

54. 8 Financial Blunders and Their Fixes ( Finance )

If you are bad at managing money but would like to learn how to avoid making financial blunders. Here are the some of the common financial mistakes people make and their solutions.

55. 7 Secrets of Investing the Warren Buffett Way! ( Finance )

Human beings always have a natural tendency to follow the crowd, but when it comes to share market investing, why do that, when you can replicate the success of the World's Greatest Investor?

56. 5 Dangerous Stock Market Myths Debunked ( Finance )

A financial meltdown, a depressed business environment, a sudden fall in share market prices - all these phases affect all those who are closely linked to the stock market. Such happenings give rise to an environment where myths are born. This article debunks such 5 dangerous stock market myths.

57. 4 Steps to Build an Outperforming Portfolio ( Finance )

A disciplined approach towards building an investment portfolio is a must for a very good investment for the investor. Here are four small steps to build an effective investment portfolio which will help the investor achieve their dream run as far as investment yields are concerned.

58. 3 Serious Investment Hurdles and How to Overcome Them? ( Finance )

It is often that investors behave in a manner which is just the opposite of what they should be doing in the first place. The investors encounter mental hurdles and here are some useful steps which could help investors to tackle and eliminate the serious investment hurdles in a systematic and pragmatic approach.

59. Is it the right time to invest? ( Finance )

Each and every investor would like to know when the right time to invest is. The ideal time for one to invest is obviously when the market is at a much lower level. It is highly not possible to predict the market always. Learn more about when the right time to invest is.

60. What Not to do While Planning for Retirement! ( Finance )

There are many common mistake people make while planning for retirement. A pragmatic approach to retirement planning can help to avoid certain traps and this article is about the things not to done while planning for retirement.

61. 5 Myths about Home Insurance Demystified! ( Finance )

There are certain myths with regards to home insurance and this article deals with de-constructing such myths.

62. A Step By Step Guide To First Financial Plan ( Finance )

Financial planning provides meaning and direction to your financial choices. A step by step useful guide for initial financial plan.

63. Financially Plan & Make a Difference to Your Child's Future ( Finance )

As a responsible parent, you would not like to compromise on your child’s career, regardless of rising cost of education. You need a well developed investment plan that will allow you to meet all expenses for your child’s future. Here it goes.