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Gujarat, India

Vatslya Education Consultancy is one of the leading international education consultancies in Gujarat, rendering services to Indian students who aspire to study abroad. Vatslya Education Consultancy has achieved glory in a very short span of time. It was established in the year 2006 by Mr. Rajni Ankoliya.


 My Articles

1. Study in Latvia Without IELTS at Low Cost ( Career )

Find the best information about what it’s like to study in Riga, the capital and the largest city of Latvia, in Europe.

2. STUDY IN ITALY ( Career )

Italy is a popular destination for international students,with highly-ranked universities and more affordable tuition fees than many other Western European countries.

3. Study in Hungary ( Career )

All about Studying in Hungary. Many people who have come to Hungary from diverse educational fields have done well in scientific areas.

4. How can you get into Poland's top Universities? ( Career )

You’ve made a bold decision to study far from home. This guide will help you to find and enroll in the top universities in Poland.

5. How to Apply to an International University in Poland in 2018 ( Career )

Poland has become one of the most preferred destinations for international students worldwide.

6. Extending visa in Poland ( Career )

You are already in Poland, you have a visa, and suddenly you find yourself in a situation where you need to extend your stay. Read on to find out how to prolong your visa.

7. All You Need To Know About Studying In Malta ( Career )

Do you wish to study abroad? Here are the reasons why you should choose Malta as your study destination.

8. Visa from India to Poland in 10 steps ( Career )

Instructions to get a visa to Poland

9. How Can You Work As A Student In Poland? ( Career )

This moment comes sooner or later – sometimes out of necessity, sometimes because you simply want to have some extra money, so you start thinking about getting a job. How can you work as a student in Poland? This article shares a few practical tips about working while studying in Poland.

10. 7 Reasons Why Teaching Is The Best Job Ever! ( Career )

Some might say that the teaching profession is in a crisis with some choosing to leave the profession and others not even considering joining in the first place.Here are seven reasons why you should ignore all the fuss and remember why teaching is by fact the best job out there.

11. Education and Schools in Malta ( Career )

Here's a guide for expats to know about the education system in Malta.

12. Visa Requirements for Malta ( Career )

Students from EU countries and countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement do NOT need a Visa in order to travel to Malta. Other nationals from Japan, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil also do not need a short stay VISA. Know all about the visa requirements for Malta

13. Kids Moving Schools: Education In Malta ( Career )

If you are planning to move to Malta and uproot with your family, it’s a life changing event, not only for you but for your young budding Einsteins. You may be able to take it in your stride, but your kids, if they’re over the age of five, will probably have an opinion about your plans and so may not be in agreement with them.

14. Study In Malta ( Career )

A third country national, who shall be following a course of studies will require a residence permit to cover his / her stay in Malta. Here are the documents and the things to know when applying for a residence permit in Malta. When applying for such a permit the person concerned should submit the following:

15. Studying At The University Of Malta ( Career )

The only university in Malta is the University of Malta, founded in 1592 which became a university in 1769. It is the oldest university in the Commonwealth outside of the UK. It has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and its degrees are widely recognized. Here's all you need to know about studying at the university of Malta.

16. Higher Education In The Beautiful Mediterranean Island Of Malta ( Career )

The highest educational institution in Malta which offers Bachelor of Science degrees is the University of Malta. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and is the single institution of higher education in the area. Admission to the university is determined by Matriculation exam results for students wanting to pursue career paths in most fields, but can be based on the level of maturity and experience in fields such as the Arts and Sciences.

17. Education in Warsaw | Poland ( Career )

Choosing the right school is not an exact science, but with a little background work, some searching questions and a thorough visit, you can look forward to enjoying a happy and productive partnership with your children's new school. Warsaw's primary and secondary school community boasts programmes with increasingly elaborate facilities and varied academic offerings. Here's all you need to know about the education in Warsaw, Poland.

18. Benefits Of Studying At The London School of Commerce Malta ( Career )

The London School of Commerce Malta offers an attractive centrally located campus in a stunning location on the charming island of Malta. The LSC Malta campus is equipped with all of the facilities required for a positive learning experience including Wi-Fi throughout the premises, a well stocked and equipped library, and leisure areas. Learn all about the benedits of studying at the London School of Malta.

19. MBA In Germany For International Students ( Career )

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Germany is an internationally-recognized degree designed to develop the skills required for career in business and management. An MBA in Germany for international students can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, private industry, and other areas worldwide. The MBA is currently the most popular professional degree program in the world.

20. How To Increase Your IELTS Reading Score | Top Tips & Tricks ( Career )

Here are top tips and tricks to score big in your IELTS reading test.

21. How To Apply For A Visa | All You Need To Know ( Career )

It is possible that you may be denied visa on certain grounds on your first try, but don’t be disheartened; try again. You could still get the nod on your second attempt, if you apply with care. Failure to submit necessary information or supporting documents is one of the common reasons why a visa application is denied. Here's all you need to know about applying for a visa.

22. IELTS Test Day Advice ( Career )

Here's all the tips and advice you need for the day of your IELTS test.

23. IELTS Listening | Top 10 Tips & Tricks ( Career )

Here are top ten useful tips and tricks for those who are preparing for IELTS listening exam.

24. 5 Basic Points To Consider If Planning To Study In Europe For Free ( Career )

If you have plans to study in Europe then here's a surpirse for you. One can achieve graduation from Germany for free. Not only in Germany but also in most of the countries in the European Union (EU). Here are few things you should know if you are planning to study in Europe for free.

25. Which IELTS Test Should I Choose? ( Career )

Taking an IELTS exam could have a great impact on your study opportunities, career success, and the likelihood that you will be permitted to work and settle in Britain or an English-speaking country. This special exam will also make your CV look more appealing, especially if you are looking for a job in a multicultural environment. Learn all about IELTS test and which IELTS test should you choose.

26. Study In Italy: Admission And Italian Student Visa Process ( Career )

Italy, the Mecca of fashion, gets a decent number of international students who intend to pursue fashion and design, although there are several others who come here to study Engineering and Business Administration as well. Here's all you need to know about the admission and Italian Student Visa Process.

27. 8 Good Reasons To Study In Europe ( Career )

The numbers of students coming to Europe from around the world for their higher education are growing every year. With 1000s of world-class universities, research centres and higher education institutions, Europe is the place to be.Here are 8 good reasons to choose Europe for your higher education.

28. Why Study in Spain? ( Career )

Spain is rich in history and culture, and provides the total package for anyone coming to the area from international lands. Here we will examine some of the many reasons why people choose Spain as their education destination.

29. 5 Reasons To Study In Poland ( Career )

Here are 5 of the best reasons to study in Poland while deciding a country to study and live in during your study period and reading them will definitely give you a hint to enquire about it.

30. Choose The Perfect European Country For Your 2018 Study Adventure! ( Career )

Thinking of where to study in Europe?Check out this list including some of the most popular countries and cities from Europe where you can enjoy your international study adventure.

31. Study in Latvia ( Career )

Find the best information about what it’s like to study in Riga, Latvia, including degree course offers, career opportunities, student life, living costs, and more.

32. New Zealand Student Visa Guide ( Career )

New Zealand may not be the most well known of destinations, but it is highly regarded among international students for its high class education and desirable lifestyle. Find out what Indian students need to know when applying for a student visa for New Zealand.

33. Things You Need To Know Before You Study Abroad In The UK ( Career )

Are you planning to study in UK? Then here's a few things you need to know before you study abroad in the UK.

34. Applying For Schengen Visa? Things You Need To Know ( Career )

A Schengen Visa is the document granted to anyone who is planning to visit any region within the Schengen States. The demand for Schengen Visa for passport holders from India who seek Overseas Immigration has increased at a fast scale. Here are a few things you need to know while applying for Schengen Visa.

35. Popular Courses to Study Abroad ( Career )

Most of the students are confused about choosing a study course when they plan to study abroad. Here is a list of the most popular and sought after courses you can choose from when planning your overseas education.

36. Common Mistakes Students Make In Choosing The Overseas Study Destination ( Career )

Are you dreaming of study abroad and confused which country you should select? Shortlisting study abroad country is the biggest headache for some students. Here are the 5 common mistakes you should not make before selecting overseas study destination.

37. Low Tuition Cost Makes Germany An Attractive Option For Study Abroad ( Career )

Germany is currently one of the most popular destinations for international students across the globe. The main reason for students to Study Abroad in Germany is the low cost of tuition fee. Apart from the low cost of tuition fee Germany offers other very attractive reasons for those who choose Germany as their study destination. Here they are.

38. Why Should You Choose To Study In New Zealand? ( Career )

There are many factors that make New Zealand an ideal destination for Study Abroad. Here let's know the reasons to Why you should Choose New Zealand as your Study Destination.

39. Planning to Study in USA ? Find University Ranking ( Career )

If you are planning to Study in United States, choosing a university can be a tough job. You might think of comparing school locations, degree programs, tuition costs, and campus life at a variety of schools. It is seen that many Indian students are finalizing their school selection just on the basis of a parameter called ‘University Ranking’. Learn about University Ranking when you are planning to study in USA.

40. Things You Should Include In Your MS Application Resume ( Career )

MS Applications are rather more or less technical. Also, majority of the students applying for MS applications do not have a work experience to talk about, leaving for them, a big gap in your resume. However, it is important to note that Resumes for MS application need not be bare. Here's all you should know while preparing resume for MS application.

41. Alternatives to IELTS/TOEFL for Studying in Australia ( Career )

IELTS/TOFEL tests are aimed to confirm that students from non-English speaking countries such as India can understand, read, write and speak English in an academic context. However, many students find it difficult to get admission in Australia without IELTS and TOEFL. Here's all you need to know about studying in Australia without IELTS.

42. Impact of Demonetization on Foreign Education Aspirants in India ( Career )

The effect of demonetization has been a burning topic in almost all sectors, but it also has created a major impact in the field of Foreign Education. The current cash crunch has created an immediate effect for students planning to study in foreign countries, and for those already engaged in studying abroad. Here let's take a look at the impact of demonetisation on Foreign education aspirants in India.

43. System Of Education and Recruitment Process In Poland ( Career )

  If you have decided to study in one of the fastest developing countries in Europe, you should get familiar with a few necessary pieces of information on recruitment process and the system of studying which is present in-between the borders of Poland. Here's everything you should know about the recruitment process and education system in Poland.

44. Tips for Study Abroad Education Loans ( Career )

A major factor which you need to consider for international education is money. In order to make the most out of your overseas education experience, ensuring you have the financial means by applying for Loans for Study Abroad is quite important. Here is a Summary of Things to consider while applying for Educational Loan.

45. Why is Australia Best Place to Study and Live? ( Career )

Australia is a nation with fast growing economy and countless opportunities for its national and international students. The country offers ample work opportunities after graduation and the flexible laws for post study work visa in Australia are a blessing for those wishing to gain experience in the country after studies. Here are the reasons why Australia is the best place to study and live.

46. Quality Standards of Study Abroad Consultants ( Career )

A large number of students who are seeking to study abroad fail to gather the admission requirements and complete application at the right time, despite being a strong candidate. Study abroad admission consultants are helping out such applicants confirm admission in their dream university and make dynamic careers. Here's lists the facts that determine the quality of service provided by studyabroad advisors.

47. Moving to Canada: 5 Jobs You Can Start Right Away ( Career )

Packing in your job and relocating to Canada can be a daunting experience, especially in terms of your finances. People often speak about that awkward phase between moving and landing a job in a new country. Whether you are looking for a side hustle, something to pay the bills before finding a full-time job, or want to make this your full-time job in Canada, take a look at these five jobs for instant money making career inspiration.

48. Australian Student Visa Interview Questions! ( Career )

Studying in Australia is a dream that many of you have and will have. To help you with the application process of the Australian visa, we suggest you read on to know about how to apply  for the visa.

49. Overview on Education In Canada ( Career )

Canada's education system is maintained to a high educational standard, and attracts international students from all over the world. Most education programs in Canada begin in kindergarten or grade one and go to grade twelve, except in Quebec, where students finish a year earlier. Here's everything you need to know about studying in Canada.

50. How to Earn While you Learn in Poland ( Career )

  Are you going short on your money while studying in Poland? Are you having sleepless nights thinking your expenses are much more than you expected and can’t afford to spend more for your education in Poland? Here's everything you should know about how to earn while you learn in Poland.

51. Study Abroad in Australia: Tuition Fees and Living Costs ( Career )

Australia is home to several high-ranked universities, offering a welcoming and supporting environment and teaching and living conditions that students often praise. It is also one of the countries that charm international students through its impressive natural landscapes. Read on to find general information about tuition, overall living expenses and scholarship opportunities for studying abroad in Australia.

52. 9 Important Tips To Quickly Prepare For The IELTS ( Career )

Do you speak English well already, but are still not sure how to pass the IELTS? Here's some useful tips to quickly prepare for the IELTS.

53. Top 5 Destinations for Overseas Education ( Career )

Overseas education has become very popular with young students now. World renowned education standards combined with the chance to broaden your experiences and exposure, make new friends and learn a new language make studying abroad an exciting option for students everywhere. Read on to know more about the preferred overseas education destinations for 2017.

54. Standard Academic Resume Format ( Career )

Academic Resume is a standard document that aims at capturing your candidature by highlighting your achievements. When preparing an Academic Resume, there are simple rules and guidelines which every student must keep in mind. Essentially, they are not much different from a resume you normally prepare. Learning how to write an impressive resume requires understanding both the content which you should include as well as understanding which format to follow.

55. Study Medicine and Healthcare Science in Australia ( Career )

Australia is a great place to study medicine and healthcare, with world class facilities and a vast number of courses and specialisations on offer. Here's a detailed article on the medical and healthcare science study options available in Australia.

56. Study In Warsaw | Poland ( Career )

Arriving in Warsaw from near or far away, you will soon appreciate the vast opportunities of receiving education in the city situated at the very heart of Europe and open and friendly to visitors from all over the world. The fact that Poland is a member of the European Union and the European Space for Higher Education, guarantees that the knowledge and skills acquired in Warsaw will be recognized worldwide. Courses offered at HEIs in both English and Polish meet the expectations of even the most demanding and sophisticated candidates. 

57. Visa requirements for Australia ( Career )

There are several types of student visas for Australia; the one you need depends on the type of study you are planning to undertake. Applying for Visas is often seen as complicated, but IDP Education's trained counsellors are experts in guiding students through the application process. Here's all you need to know about the visa requirements for Australia.

58. How to write a Resume for UG Applications Abroad ( Career )

Often under graduation aspirants find themselves in a difficult spot while drafting their resume. They are generally confused about how to go about preparing an effective CV and more often end up going overboard in including information in the CV that ultimately leads to overcrowding of the draft- a complete no-no for the Admission Committee.  Here are a few tips for high school students which may prove handy for them to make an impressive resume for their applications abroad.

59. All About Canada - Study Abroad ( Career )

Canada situated in northern North America is the second largest country in the world. It has the eleventh largest economy in the world and is one of the world's wealthiest nations. Know all about Canada, its geography, culture and the life in Canada.

60. How to Prepare for IELTS Exam | Tips to Crack IELTS in First Attempt ( Career )

61. Cost of Studying and Living in Canada ( Career )

Canada has increasingly become a notorious destination that attracts international students, especially in the last years. Read on to find useful information about tuition, living costs and scholarship opportunities for studying in Canada.

62. 10 Myths Indians Have About Studying Abroad And What Are The Facts ( Career )

Studying abroad is gaining popularity. Schools and colleges are encouraging their students to explore academic opportunities abroad. However, the thought of children making this significant shift no doubt unsettles parents. Take it easy, not all that you hear or anticipate is true. It’s time to cure the concerns and break the myths. Here’s a list of 10 myths and the facts.

63. Why Choose Australia To Study? ( Career )

Planning to study in Australia? Know the reasons why Australia is the best place for your study.

64. Student Guide to Study in Malaysia ( Career )

Here's all you need to know about studying in Malaysia and the reasons why you should choose Malaysia as your study destination.

65. General Admission Requirements for Study in Canada ( Career )

Though admission process and Visa requirements vary from institution to institution in Canada, this article gives an idea about the most general procedures and requirements to get admission in Canadian Universities or Colleges.

66. Part Time Work Options in Singapore for Indian Students ( Career )

Singapore is one of the costlier countries. With the cost of living in Singapore almost at par with that of USA, some extra money is always needed for students which can be earned by a series of part time work options. Here's all you need to know about the Part Time work options in Singapore for Indian students.

67. Study in Poland without IELTS ( Career )

Do you have plans to study abroad but worried about preparing for IELTS exam? Then Poland should be the right place for you. Know all about studying in Poland without IELTS.

68. Top Reasons to Study in Australia ( Career )

It is a fact that the Australia is a great place to live. But, the country also offers a world class education as well. It is not that easy to choose a university abroad outside the country and take admission in as there are plethora of universities available in every country. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider studying in Australia.

69. Study MBA in Poland ( Career )

The entire education system in Poland is very advanced and the course of MBA is no exception to this. Students who have completed their MBA from Poland are now established as distinguished professionals in major posts all across the globe in various multinational companies. Know all about doing MBA in Poland.

70. What to study in Poland? ( Career )

When going to study abroad don't forget to check if the study programme is available in the language you use. Usually studies in foreign country are conducted in English. To study in Poland you don’t have to speak Polish you can study in English there. Here is a list of the specilaized universities from which you can study your majors.

71. 10 Personal, Academic & Career Benefits of Studying Abroad ( Career )

You may wonder why so many covet an education abroad. Is an international degree worth the huge investment of time, money, and effort? Yes, here are 10 personal, academic and career benefits of doing an international study program.

72. Master's Engineering in Poland ( Career )

Want to pursue master's degree in engineering abroad? Here's all you need to know about doing master's engineering in Poland.

73. Top Colleges For Hospitality In New Zealand ( Career )

New Zealand, house to mesmerizing natural wonders is a famous study abroad option for students.Many well-known universities and colleges in New Zealand offer courses in fields such as hospitality and hotel management as well as programs in professional chef practice and cookery.Here's is a list of the top colleges for hospitality in New Zealand.

74. What You Need To Know About Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) | Australia ( Career )

SSVF is Simplified Student visa Framework announced by Australian Government which replaces Streamline visa Processing. It has been created to make the visa process simple for students. Know all about Simplified International Student Visa Framework (SSVF).

75. Study, Work and Live in New Zealand ( Career )

New Zealand is fast emerging as an important player in the global education industry because its government is investing heavily in education sector. It also provides great value for money in the cost of living. Learn all about Study, Work and Live in New Zealand.

76. Opportunities For Engineers in Australia ( Career )

Engineering is a highly reputed and valued stream of study. If you are an engineer considering migrating to Australia, or if you are a student interested in pursuing a degree in engineering Down Under, then check out the opportunities for engineers in Australia.

77. Work Permit in Poland ( Career )

If you are studying in Poland and you have a Stay Card (Karta pobytu), you can legally work in the country and you do not have to have a work permit.

78. How to apply for Study in Poland ( Career )

If you are thinking of studying in Poland but do not know how to go about that then here's everything you need to know when applying for student visa in Poland.

79. Poland as a Study Destination ( Career )

Choosing Poland as your study destination, you not only go for a broad selection of courses, majors and specializations but most importantly you get the opportunity to join the best. Here are the highlights to why studying in Poland is a great idea.

80. Study in New Zealand ( Career )

New Zealand is an attractive destination for international students. New Zealand’s universities offer numerous opportunities for research and internships, where students can build practical skills needed in their future career and academic life.. Here's all you need to know about your study in New Zealand.

81. Why Study in Sweden? ( Career )

why study in sweden, study in sweden, study abroad, reasons to study in sweden

82. Sweden Visas and Immigration ( Career )

Here's all you need to know about your study in Sweden and details about Sweden Visas and Immigration.

83. Postgraduate Study in Sweden ( Career )

Deciding a university abroad to pursure your postgraduate study and take admission in as there are plethora of universities available in every country is not an easy task. Here are some of the best reasons to study in Sweden and reading them will definitely give you a hint to enquire about it.

84. Reasons to Study in Poland! ( Career )

Deciding a university, place, and country to study and live in there during your study period is really a challenging work to do. It is not that much easy to choose a university abroad outside the country and take admission in as there are plethora of universities available in every country. Here are some of the best reasons to study in Poland and reading them will definitely give you a hint to enquire about it.