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Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatologist
Bangalore, India

Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic is an aesthetic and dermatology center dedicated to efficiently treating skin and hair related imperfections. We offer safe, effective and scientifically sound solutions for your skin, hair care and anti aging challenges.


 My Articles

1. All About Laser Hair Removal Treatment ( Health )

Laser hair removal treatment can be considered as one of the safe and effective non-surgical procedures that has been improved over the ages by the use of new tools and methods. The technique is non-invasive to your skin and removes unwanted hair with a lot of ease. Learn all about Laser Hair removal Treatment

2. An Overview on Acne Treatment! ( Health )

Acne is a common skin problem faced by teenagers and adults. Very often this leaves behind permanent scars that are difficult to get rid of. Trying countless acne removal products is not the solution. Seeking help from renowned dermatologists is advisable if you are suffering from acne problems for a long time.

3. An Overview on Dermal Fillers to combat aging skin ( Health )

Dermal fillers are naturally derived, or synthetic material that helps to replenish the lost volume of your skin.

4. Acne Laser Treatment : Effective Solution to Get Rid of Acne ( Health )

There are different treatments for getting rid of acne. Starting from easy home remedies, acne chemical peelers, acne laser treatment- you have an array of treatment options to choose from. Acne laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat acne especially as it is affordable and significantly lessens down the acne spots to a considerable extent.