Thursday, August 11, 2022
CS Jayavel, Retd Lt.Col. Indian Army, Coimbatore -
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CS Jayavel
CS Jayavel, -
Retd Lt.Col. Indian Army
Coimbatore, India

Retd defence officer offers coaching for Sainik school, RIMC, NDA. AFMC and SSB Interviews

Thank you note to my mentors and guides:-

It is my proud privilege to be born to a soldier and married to a soldiers daughter. Special thanks to my father, whose uncle was in the army and served in the First World War, he himself served in Second World War, and got me educated at Sainik School , to serve in the Army, (I took part in Kargil war “Operation Vijay”). A special thanks to Late Mr. Cheriyan ( Teacher and House Master of Sainik school Amaravathi Nagar) and Mr. John Mathais ( A teacher and House master of Sainik School Bijapur), Mr. Kasilingam NCC officer who have a hand in training me from a tender age to what I am today. To scores of Officers, JCOs, NCOs and a number of Civilian teachers/ Instructors who trained me at various stages of my 28 years of service both at school and at different academies (IAF and ACC and IMA).


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