Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Q hi my name name is suresh i am from chennai 22yers old i am a regular smoker from past one month sometimes i am getting chest pain and abdomen is paining little it will pains for 2 to 3 minutes and stops meanwhile my throat is also getting dry at the time i could not able to speak i am getting little swear that i will get cancer till now i didn't tell this to anybody even to my friends also i didn't consult the doctor also can you please help me what i want to do next which doctor i want to consult. is cancer is curable diseases
  Posted By : suresh kumar b , chennai | On 15.12.2009 Post Answer


Dear Suresh, Smoking is hazardous to your health. There is no reason why should start this bad habbit at this age it is a very difficult habit to break once you are addicted to cigarettes. Smoking can cause lung problems such as Asthma and lung cancer. Throat cancer is another complication of smoking . SO PLEASE STOP SMOKING.. You may not have cancer but there is no reason to indulge in risky behaviour. Some Cancers are curable if treated early. Stress can cause sweating high heart rate etc.. If your symptoms persists you may have to consult a doctor. Please take care.

  Posted By :Dr. R.John , Kochi | On 20.5.2010