Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Q I started having gastric problems with pain in left side of chest and sometime in lower abdomen 4 years back,i consulted my doctor he performed ultrasound and it was found normal then he prescribe me some medicine (i don't remember the name now) there after i used to have same problems with heart beating faster(around 84-92 bt/min) and harder which feel very uncomfortable and i found my blood pressure elevated to 134/90 now it has added up with the feeling of slight pain and pressure and heaviness in middle part of my head ,i am not able to concentrate on work due to this,i feel much worried and confused that which specialist should i refer(gastroenterologist,neurologist or is a problem related to heart) please advice me
  Posted By : Pawan , Manglore | On 23.12.2012 Post Answer


You should consult an internist who can examine you completely . You have border line high blood Pressure and slight increase in heart rate which may be related to general anxiety.Your internist can refer to a cardiologist.

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 29.5.2013