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Q I earn Rs.20,000 per month. I spend Rs. 10,000 for my insurances, kids tuition fees, household expenses, tax payment, etc. Hence, I can save Rs.10,000/- every month. Kindly suggest me where should I invest, I don't believe in the share market. Please do suggest a safer place like Post Office / any other schemes. This is the only way for me and my sons future savings. Thanks and regards, Shilpa
  Posted By : Shilpa , Bangalore | On 27.12.2011 Post Answer


you can save your money in SBI as a recurring deposit. But you need pay every month sharply and the same amount like firt time how much you paid. There is pre mature withdraw facility also, but if u r going for pre mature withdraw you wont get the interest. If u can save every month 10000/- for 3 years finally you will get 426000/-

  Posted By :murthy , bangalore | On 4.3.2012