Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Q Recently I have started manufacturing candeles. For 1kg wax I have added 50mg coconut oil and 10gm ( color. After wax melting kept in open air for 10minutes and then added color. I started poring the colored wax into the dye. Again kept for 20 minutes in open air and dropped the dye in water (cooling purpose) for some times. I started slicing the wax to some deeper for cutting the wick and again pouring the wax to the level of the dye and left for cooling. After cooled started slicing the excess wax. At this stage I found some white color patches with green color. Please advice me how to get the one color in the finishing candle.
  Posted By : sheikhakim , Chennai | On 10.4.2011 Post Answer


Hey i guess u dnt add soft wax. see 1st u prepare d mould den melt sme amout of paraffin wax and the amount of parafin wax u add add 10% of soft wax in it and d colour it self whn u melt it and if u have sealed d mould properly then d wax also wnt cme out because of soft wax u gt better finishing and shine and d candle wil cme out easily believe me am a professional candle maker my cndles goes in archies shop all d bst:-)

  Posted By :Nidhi.d.shah , Mumbai | On 27.8.2011