Thursday, February 2, 2023

Home Remedies - How to Get Instant Relief from Cough

Tea with betel leaves, pepper and Honey
Home tips For nagging cough and chest congestion, boil 3 cups of water with 2 fresh betel leaves and 4 crushed peppercorns, till the water is reduced to half. Strain and drink every morning and night with a teaspoon of honey.
Home tips Mix dried ginger powder with sugar and consume on- and - off
Home tips For fever and cough of children, give some honey mixed with water.
Home tips For a good relief from cough, mix equal quantities of basil juice, honey and ajwain juice and drink on an empty stomach.
Honey with Mustard Powder to get relief from Cough
Home tips Have the mixture of mustard paste and honey for good relief from cough
Home tips Eat the powder of dried ginger and cumin with sugar for relief from cough.
Home tips Boil the leaf of Malabar nut, squeeze its juice and add egg white. It subsides cough.
Home tips Chewing raw garlic is great for aiding cough.
Home tips Mix honey with coconut Oil and Lemon Juice and have it before bed time will be an effective Treatment.
Tea made with Thyme leaves an d honey better for cough
Home tips Prepare Thyme Tea by adding two teaspoon of crushed thyme leaves in a cup of boiling water. Strain it and Drink Twice a day. Adding lemon and honey will give extra soothing power as well as good flavour.
Home tips Crush shallets (small onions) along with rock candy and Squeeze its juice and have it 3- 4 times a day for relief from cough.