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Action Dyslexia Delhi - Beyond Education
Posted By : Mrs. Anjuli Bawa On : 21.5.2010
Address : 29 Barbar Lane, Bengali Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001
Place : Delhi
State : Delhi
Phone : 9810133711
Website : Link
About Us

This NGO was initiated (1997) by a dynamic lady who has gone through the tribulations of being a parent of a dyslexic child.

After many years of searching on her part, she came to understand that one of her children was born dyslexic. This raring lady did not shut her mind in despair. With the able support of her husband, she fought the shortsighted establishment, took them by their hands and guided them to a superior understanding of this affliction that effects more than 15% of students worldwide.

She made history when after a long drawn battle with the concerned authorities, she was allowed to provide a scribe for her son during the board exams - a first ever in the history of North India.

Today her son is successful and independently employed by one of the world's largest hotel company. Not to be undone, Mrs. Anjuli Bawa then set about to assist all parents and children who may be in similar situations.