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Getting an Employment Exchange Number

  By : , Goa, India       24.4.2019         Mail Now

With a global increase in unemployment, people are competing for jobs and in many cases, working in sectors that they know nothing about. For instance, some individuals who spent five to eight years studying in medical school end up working as artists or in other sectors altogether because of a highly unstable job market. India is seeing the same happening with large scale unemployment throughout the country in the last five years.

Being given no choice people are learning to adapt and work in any position they find an opening in. Most of the jobs being provided have the option of learning on the go which is working well for most people. Some companies have even incorporated the option of a few weeks of training before beginning the job.

A lot of the capable working population, who are unemployed at the moment, are skilled and qualified but cannot get their hands on work. This is turning into quite an issue, only getting worse when it comes to the uneducated or labour class. In an effort to solve the problem, the Government uses 'Employment Exchange' to benefit the vast population in the country.

Applying for work through the employment exchange provides people with a unique employment exchange card and number. The Government uses this information to provide people with jobs. The card comes with a unique number that applicants have to provide when applying for a job. Private and Government companies recruit people through the employment exchange but it is mainly used for Government jobs. Applicants looking for work are added to a list that informs them about their standing in the job market and how long they have to wait to get a job.

People who apply through the employment exchange service have to be sure to remove their name from the system as soon as they receive a job thereby creating room for others to do the same.

As mentioned earlier, many private companies ask for details relating to the employment exchange card just to make sure you are registered for one. You have to register to get one and then use this information when applying for a job. If you are getting into the workforce, it makes sense to have yourself registered at the soonest. By registering, you can even have the system find you a Government job with all the benefits, if that is what you are looking for.

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