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Study in Hungary

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Why Study in Hungary?

Only you,can decide where the ideal place to study, for your particular needs.However, Hungary offers a range of benefits.First, the country has a,diverse educational field,with a strong focus on the sciences,including mathematics and engineering. Many people have come from this diverse educational field and done well in scientific areas.

Additionally,Hungary is a diverse and ever-changing country.It is well accepting of foreign students,including those who come from around the world. For,those people who wish to learn about Central European culture and lifestyle,this may be the ideal place to travel to do just that.A,strong culture, a modern lifestyle,a low,cost of living, and a quality education make this area a key destination.

Main Programs of Masters Study in Hungary

Many people come to Hungary to learn at the higher education level in the following areas:

- Arts and Humanities
- Mathematics and Engineering
- Scientific programs, including research-related programs
- Business and Economic
- MBA programs

Some of the largest universities in Hungary :

1) Budapest,University of Technology and Economics, located in Budapest.
2) CEU Business School, MBA, Executive MBA education, located in Budapest.
3) University,of Debrecen, agricultural sciences and medical and health sciences, located in Debrecen, Hungary.
4) International Business School Budapest,also located in Budapest.

Every,course is vastly different in terms of length,cost, and what you will learn. In most cases,students take semester courses,but some schools offer shorter courses as well.Costs range from an average 16-week course through an educational study abroad program may cost about $14,000 USD. Again, this ranges widely from one school to the next.

Morover,once a course is complete,it is possible that the student can obtain an internship at one of the various schools and work facilities in the country.Jobs range significantly in whether or not they are widely available.However,there is high competition here.

Obtaining a Student Visa in Hungary

If you wish to visit and study in Hungary,you will need to obtain a student or professional training visa.This is called a D5 visa.In order to obtain this type of visa,the individual must have promised enrollment in a university in Hungary.This must be for higher education or at a research institute.This process can take several weeks to complete.


If you plan to visit in Hungary for the first time,plan to bring cool clothing during the summer months.The area has low humidity,mainly because it is a landlocked country.However,during the summer months,showers are somewhat frequent.Temperatures can be very high.Winters can be snowy,though some are much drier and,therefore,more mild than cold.If you visit Pecs,which is a southern area of the country,you will enjoy more of a Mediterranean climate.


Overall, Hungary is a diverse country with plenty to offer visitors and students alike.The income of this economic is moderate to high.It is an open economy,and a part of the European Union.More than 80 percent of the gross domestic product here comes from the private sector.The currency here is the forint however,as a member of the European Union the country now trades in Euros.

Living Cost and Expenses:

The cost of living here, you will find that this ranges.Costs are higher in Budapest,which is a large and modern city.There, you will find that,compared to Europe's more high-end countries that Hungary is lower on the list.What costs $1.95 in Switzerland will cost about $0.75 in Hungary.

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