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How Can You Work As A Student In Poland?

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This moment comes sooner or later Ė sometimes out of necessity, sometimes because you simply want to have some extra money, so you start thinking about getting a job. How can you work as a student in Poland? In this article Iím going to share with you a few practical tips.

No Work Permit Required

Before we begin, letís make it clear: non-EU students of full-time studies in Poland donít need a work permit. What is more, you donít need any work permit if youíve graduated in Poland. That means that youíll find it easier to settle in Poland, if you decide to stay here after your studies.

Is It Easy To Find A Part Time Job For Expats In Poland?

I often see questions from people who havenít chosen where to study yet and want to know if itís easy to find

places to work as a student in Poland. Generally speaking, itís very difficult when you donít speak English, and it really depends on your personal skills and luck. This is why you should start getting familiar with the job market before you even come to Poland Ė to get a feel for your chances. Be prepared to spend many months looking for a job.

It will be much easier if you know French, German or Spanish, or if you have IT skills. Itís going to be really difficult if you donít speak English very well.

Work As A Student In Poland

Remember that†you shouldnít†sign a contract with an employer before you obtain a residence permit†for your studies. Why? Because only a student who doesnít work is allowed to apply for a residence permit for studies. If someone is already working, they must apply for a residence permit†through their work, which is worse in your situation. Therefore†you should start getting familiar with the job market quite soon, but you should plan to start working about 3 months after you apply for a temporary residence permit for studies.

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