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How To Apply For A Visa | All You Need To Know

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It is possible that you may be denied visa on certain grounds on your first try, but donít be disheartened; try again. You could still get the nod on your second attempt, if you apply with care. Failure to submit necessary information or supporting documents is one of the common reasons why a visa application is denied.†

Provide all the necessary documents sought by the visa office. The documents could range from bank statements to university clearances.

Mention clearly your period of stay and financial strength with supporting documents. Remember, you are

trying to convince the visa office that you can manage all your expenses (barring any financial aid you receive in the form of scholarships) abroad on your own.

If you have any guardians in the country you are intending to travel to, then get a signed letter from them confirming their support.

If you are travelling on a scholarship program then specify all the details pertaining to it. The validity of your scholarship and the amount of aid you are receiving must be indicated clearly.

Apply at least 2 to 6 weeks before your intended date of travel to give yourself some extra time in the event of any inordinate delays in your visa processing.

If you have a spouse or child who is financially dependent on you, then be prepared to explain how that person will support themselves in your absence.
Mention the tentative date of your travel in your application.

†The visa office is bound by law to give you a reason if your visa is denied.

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