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How to Earn While you Learn in Poland

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Are you going short on your money while studying in Poland?

 Are you having sleepless nights thinking your expenses are much more than you expected and can’t afford to spend more for your education in Poland. Don’t fret now. Do you know that like every other country, you could both study and work in Poland?

Yes, It is as easy as it says. You being an international student have the full right to pay for your education by working part-time while you’re studying. Only two conditions – you must be enrolled for a course in any institution. And if you hold a valid residency permit, you can even work full time.

You must be thinking that if it won’t be enough. Let me tell you. It is more than enough. You have the permit of 22 hours per day during school days and 3 months’ full time during holidays (July – September) to work in Poland as an international student. And you are a student from any of the European countries, you don’t need a permit even.

The word ‘Poland’ might bring to mind cold weather, or perhaps cold cuts of meat. However, Poland has some old and prestigious universities. The courses here are taught in common languages like English and

French. And the best part, the cost of tuition is much less compared to any other study locations of Europe. Depending on the course you choose, you could even get scholarships.

Now, you might be thinking that there would be a huge completion in the job market of Poland. Not at all. If you speak English or French or German and have some IT skills, you are way ahead to look for a job. However, other than that, your chances might be a bit tough. On that hand, you could start getting familiar with the job market in Poland, even before you actually arrive in Poland.

Not only will you be able to earn money for your daily expenditures but also you get a chance to get to know new people and learn more about the country. You can easily find work as foreign language teachers, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, child minders, shop assistants or cleaners.

You could even continue working in Poland after you graduate. If you are from any countries of the European Union, you don’t need a work permit after graduation. Just make sure your residence permit is in good condition. You can stay back for further 2-3 years as long as you can prove that you can financially support yourself without seeking any government benefits.

This is particularly good news if you want to work in science or technology, as more multinational companies like Microsoft, Intel, GlaxoSmithKline and Google set up bases in Poland. But if you don’t want to stay in Poland, you’ll still have a thorough European education that will prepare to for a career in any English-speaking country.

In order to find a job, you can check these websites – job-Poland , Careers in Poland, Pracuj.pl and many other. You can also search jobs based on your location or near to your university. You can even check out the career office at your institution. Studenckietargipracy means student job fair – make sure to attend that too.

Did I quite down your worries? Hopefully, you will get a job as to your liking soon. Best of Luck!!

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