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What You Need To Know About Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) | Australia

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Streamlined visa Processing (SVP) was introduced to show the world that Australia is open for business and wants to concentrate on high quality as well as students genuinely willing to study. SVP enabled universities to compete globally for the finest students unobstructed by prolonged visa procedures. It also allowed universities to bring in procedures that improved results for retaining students. However, on 16 June 2015 the Australian Government announced the introduction of a Simplified International Student Visa Framework (SSVF) to replace SVP from mid-2016.

The introduction of a simplified international student visa framework enhances impartiality and provide backing to a surrounding where high quality and low risk providers can flourish. And, in the process, it improves the competitiveness of worldwide higher education. This change is a result of the government’s pledge to back international education with the help of good policy and efficient guidelines.

Read more to understand how the system will affect your case:

  1. What is SSVF?

SSVF is Simplified Student visa Framework which replaces Streamline visa Processing. It simplifies

subclasses for visa and bring it down to 2 instead of eight in place at the moment. It is an effort made to create single and simplified immigration risk framework for all international students.

   2.    What is the purpose of introducing Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)?

SSVF has been created to make the visa process simple for students.  It has more targeted approach towards checking the student and institution integrity.

   3.     When does Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) start?

It is expected to be implemented by June 2016.

  4.    What parameters will be used to judge the visa risk?

  • Immigration risk outcome of a student's education provider which is university or college where the student applies for his/her further studies.

  • Country of citizenship.

   5.     How do these parameters affect the processing of my visa application?

Instituitions immigration risk and student country of citizenship will decide the documentation required for a visa towards financial capacity and the level of English that particular student would need before coming to Australia.

  6.    What other criteria will be there?

Student intention of studying in Australia and GTE criteria will still be in place. It is expected that the student should conduct a proper research about the  course and institution before taking a decision of studying in Australia.

Once Simplified International Student Visa Framework (SSVF) is implemented, students will have much clarity about the quality of institutions and its requirement and also have simple method to judge the same. In addition to being better than Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP), SSVF has delighted Australia’s international educators because the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) will be much easier for potential students to understand and apply for their preferred university.

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