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Why Should You Join the Armed Forces?

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8 Reasons Why Enlisting Today Makes Sense for Tomorrow

Mostly everyone knows service members are given numerous tangible benefits while serving their country. But most people don’t realize that service members are given intangible benefits that give them an advantage in life long after they leave the military. Many veterans don’t even realize they have gained these advantages but, let me tell you, civilian companies seek veterans out and want to put them on their payroll. Whether you honorably serve two years or 30, you’ll gain the following eight qualities that will give you an advantage over those who have never served: 

1. Service members Learn Leadership – As a service member you are given responsibility for lives, budgets, expensive and hi-tech equipment at a very young age, this engrains leadership into every facet of military life. Service members are put in a leadership role from the very beginning. How many 25-year old civilians manage 20 or more people and Lakhs of rupees worth of equipment like a Lieutenant does everyday? 

2. Service members are Team Player – In the military you’ll be trained to work as a team to accomplish the mission. Many companies recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and want to hire individuals with a “team first” attitude. As a veteran you’ll be able to instantly add to any team’s effectiveness. 

3. Service members are Educated and Technically Savvy – The military has the most extensive technical training facilities in the world. As a veteran you will be a product of the world’s largest technical training system and have experience in managing the most complex technology in the world. More than 36% of all military members are college grads and 100% have gone through formal military training. 

4. Service members Perform Under Pressure – As a service member you will learn to handle high-pressure situations. Working on tight deadlines, problem solving and quick thinking are all in a days work for most military members. Civilian companies are always looking for individuals to handle the pressure of the corporate world. 

5. Service members are Drug Free and Healthy – Mandatory drug testing and physical fitness standards ensure healthy employees with less sick time. As a service member, you will be generally more fit than your civilian counterparts. Civilian companies want employees who are healthy, drug free, and productive. 

6. Service members Have Security Clearances – Most military positions require a secret or higher security clearance. Because of the world we live in, many civilian companies require employees to possess a security clearance. A company will normally have to pay thousands of Rupees and valuable time to get a clearance for someone who doesn't currently possess a valid clearance. There’s also no guarantee that a civilian will be issued a clearance. Having a security clearance, whether active or lapsed, gives you an advantage. 

7. Service members are Flexible and Quick to Learn – Military members are accustomed to switching jobs frequently and therefore learn to be flexible and quick to learn new skills very quickly. As a service member you learn to expect and often welcome change; because of this civilian companies will want you on their team. 

8. Service members are Willing to Relocate – As a military service member you will move several times during your time in the military. Actually, quite a few military members look forward to changing locations. When compared to many civilians who are anchored to a particular geographical location, military members generally are flexible and willing to move where their services are needed. 

As you can see the benefits of joining the military don’t end when you get out. The military provides a great way of life while you are serving and lays the foundation for future endeavors. So, what are you waiting for? These benefits can all be yours, start by talking with a counselor at Defence Academy - 94437 20076 .

Sixth pay commission will be paying you an amount others would envy. The Country Needs you, You owe it to your Mother land You will never regret your service life. It is now or Never- Just give it a Try In case of any clarification Call Lt.Col Jayavel at 94437 20076 and Email us at Defence.academy@army.com

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   Omkar, Maharashtra,Navi Mumbai
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7 - 2 - 2018

I am interested to join the Indian army. I completed my 10th wi

   Udaykiran, Vijayawada
Reply Posted On :
12 - 3 - 2014

I am interested to join in Defence I have NCC "C" Certificate with B Grade and participated in ALL INDIA BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP AT NATIONAL LEVEL having Sports Certificate at national level. Completed my 10th with 64% Inter (MPC) 74% , Degree -B.Sc [Electronics]60%, Date of birth-- 16/08/1993 Requesting you to guide (help)me

Colonel Jayavel, Defence Academy Coimbatore Posted On : 18 - 3 - 2014
You can apply for the following:-
a) Naval Executive Entry ( Last date 26 March 2014)
b) NCC Spl Entry for Army
c) IAF via Afcat
You can come to our Academy for further details and ssb interview Training.
call 094437 20076


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